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The North-Caucasus Academy of Public Administration was founded on the 4th of January 1992 as a Federal state educational institution of the higher professional education – North-Caucasus personnel centre of the main authority for the training of personnel of the Government of the Russian Federation. In April 1995 the centre was reorganized in the North-Caucasus Academy of Public Administration.


Vasiliy Rudoy, rector of the AcademyThe Academy is under the direct guidance of the Rector Vasiliy Rudoy.

Due to creative work of the talented staff the North-Caucasian Academy of Public Administration became a leading inter-regional centre of training and retraining of state servants, specialists of public and municipal administration, economics and law in Rostov, Krasnodar and Stavropol regions and republics of the North-Caucasus.

Mission of the Academy – assistance in successful development of the Regions of the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation by means of training and support of the successful promotion of the high qualified personnel of public and municipal administration and expert assistance in reforms of the public and municipal administration.

The SKAGS is more than 10 thousand specialists with high qualification being prepared for the Regions of the North-Caucasus of the Russian Federation; during the previous years 4500 managers in the field of public administration completed professional retraining, 21 thousand public and municipal servants completed advanced training in the centre of advanced training of the academy.

In 2009 the Academy and its chapters in the cities of Maikop, Makhachkala, Pyatigorsk, Stavropol once again succeeded to get a state accreditation and confirmed their competence in the field of educational activities for the period 2009-2014.  

In the field of professional training and retraining and advanced training of personnel the Academy carries out training in the following lines:

  1. Administration («State Building and Administration»; «State and Municipal Administration»; «Human Recourses Management», «Business Administration»).
  2. Science of Law («Law»; «Legal Support for Public Administration»; «Political Science»).
  3. Economic-organizing («Public Administration in the Russian Federation»; «State Regulation of Market Economy»; «World Economy»; «Tax and  Taxation»; «Economic and Social Policy»).
  4. Foreign languages («Business Foreign Language»).

Students of full-time education of the faculties of public and municipal administration, taxation and management, institution of world economy, institution of law develop their skills as specialists in such specialties as:

And bachelors – in such specialties as:

Faculty of retraining of the personnel and centre of advanced training carry out professional training of the managers and specialists of public and municipal administration authorities, business and establishments of the national economy of the Rostov region and the whole North-Caucasus.

The SKAGS post-graduate courses prepare scientific-pedagogical personal in 15 specialties. Scientific councils for defense of the doctor theses operate in the fields of political, economical and legal sciences. For last three years more than 200 PhD theses were successfully defended.

In the SKAGS acts a high qualified teaching staff, among them members of Russian and international Academies.  80 % of the teaching stuff of the academy has academic degrees and status, every 5-th person of them is a professor. The stuff uses innovative methodology and modern teaching techniques. Teaching process in the Academy is carried out with the help of results of the scientific research in the field of public and municipal administration and generalization and popularization of the experience of the state run public authority’s of the Southern Federal District and others regions of Russian Federation. Departments of the Academy carry out the projects booked by federal and regional authorities, business; render various services of improvement of public and municipal administration, social and industrial management technologies.

Scientific and scientific-practical conferences and forums devoted to the urgent problems of public and municipal administration are being hold under aegis of the SKAGS.

High priority of the further development of the Academy are steady relations, creative collaboration and efficient interaction with the machinery of the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy in Southern Federal District, improvement of public and municipal administration of the Rostov region and other regions and republics of the North-Caucasus.

Significant line of activity of the SKAGS is international collaboration directed at securing of the intensive integration of the Academy into international educational community, receiving of the additional possibilities of development to became the recognition as an active participant of the world scientific and educational processes in the field of training of the personnel for the public and municipal administration authorities.

Long-term praxis of the international collaboration testifies its versatility, use of the effective partner relations and positive impact on the process of improvement of the teaching, methodological and scientific activities.

Since the previous years relations of the Academy with the educational institutions of the same profile abroad have been significantly strengthened. Major area of international activities of SKAGS is developing collaboration with the educational centers and high schools of the CIS.

Staff of the Academy and partner high schools collaborates in the field of science, take part in the international conferences with presentations and effectively solve problems of training of the personnel for the public and municipal administration authorities in the process of the exchange of the experience.

The Academy actively interacts with the Friedrich-Ebert-Fund.  In the cooperation process a number of research projects were developed. Annual scientific conferences are being held. 

Since 2009 the SKAGS has became a member of the Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe. Mission of the association members is rising of the education and research quality and assistance in the development of the secondary and higher education on the international and national level.

General guidance and coordination in the field of international relations is implemented by the pro-rektor for the economics and international relations, doctor of the economics, honourable officer of the higher professional education of the Russian Federation Vitaliy Nekrasov.

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The academy is a unified well established complex located in the centre of Rostov-on-Don and includes educational building with necessary number of auditoriums up-grated with up-to-date multimedia and computer equipment, comfortable hostel with 952 rooms, two canteens, gyms, and library.

344002, Rostov-on-Don, Pushkin Str., 70
Tel.: (863) 240-27-75, 240-27-23, 240-22-02


Aleksei Petrow – head of the international relations department
tel.: +7(863) 269-62-26
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